Creativity is personal, unique and distinguishable. My goal is to help you visually express
your individuality. I believe in working together to create a memorable design, and enjoy
the collaborative process. I am a detail oriented creative who excels in meeting multiple
tight deadlines while maintaining a positive perspective and having fun. The key to
turning ideas into reality involves working together and exploring your vision.

I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Michigan School of Art
and Design with concentrations in Graphic Design, Photography, and Printmaking.
My multifaceted experience constantly fuels me to craft something original and refreshing.
The ability to take on challenges headfirst and solve design problems with passion sets
me apart. I do not look at my work as a job, but instead as a means to utilize my skills
and impact others.

I have worked for both internal teams and for external clients, and have produced high
quality, original work while meeting business and strategic objectives. I am a creative,
organized and seasoned professional who has worked nationally and internationally,
learning and understanding various markets and needs.

My experience over the years has endowed me with the ability to manifest and present
a concept, and take it to the next level with ease. True to my Virgo nature, I am precise,
observant and strive to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. I look forward to
inspiring you with a final product based on inspiration I get from you.

Please browse around the site. This is by no means all of my work, but a curated selection.
To learn more about my educational and professional background, download my resume here.

Let’s get in touch. Please send me an email: lizmorgan [at] usa [dot] net